Posted by: acecombat10 | June 10, 2009


I adamantly disagree with a subject; therefore, let me viciously assisinate this person to victoriously eliminate this subject.  Is this seriously what went through the person’s mind that blatantly shot and killed the abortion doctor at church?  Is this really a victory for the pro-life battle, killing someone in cold blood?

I am a strong advocate of pro-choice.  I am a male; thus, I do not have the correct organs nor correct frame of mind to tell other people what they should or should not do with their body.  See my lovely, proud opinion article for further readings on my stance concerning this touchy subject (

I feel that if a person if pro-life, why would they kill someone to prove a point?  Yes, the fear of death is successfully causing abortion clinics/doctors question if their life is worth their belief, but what happened to the American ideals?  Pro-life = pro-life, not pro-life = killing to prove a point.

Let’s look at it from another point of view.  How many pro-life people are also:  pro-war, pro-death penality, pro-deadly integration methods, pro-etc., which kind of prevents life.  Right?

I wish Americans would think more thoroughly on issuses before they actually acted upon it.


  1. I know how you loved that piece of flair that said “pro-life? you better be anti-war, anti-death penalty, and vegetarian too” or something like that. But being pro-life and being pro-war, pro-death penalty, etc. are completely different things. I don’t think they are exclusive in any way. There’s a difference between thinking killing an innocent life is wrong and thinking that people who volunteer to be in the military and die is wrong.

    As far as this person who killed someone to say that abortion is wrong, I agree that is messed up.

    I’m just saying, a lot of pro-choice people automatically attack pro-lifers if they don’t disagree with anything that might cause death. Oh, you support roller coasters? Don’t you know people can die on those? You’re not very pro-life then, are you? Maybe that was a really ridiculous example, but I almost see the rest of your argument just as ridiculous.

  2. I do not think that it is wrong for someone to join the military and to die for their country. I completely support our military. I am just saying that people that support saving the innocent lives in females then support killing the innocent lives of people in other countries, especially in countries that we have no business conducting our ‘police action.’

    I just was commenting how people who kill for the pro life movement is kind of ridiculous. At the same time, I don’t agree under certain circumstances people utilize abortion; however, I do not have the right to tell people my opinion because I do not know what’s going on in their lives as well as not have the right anatomical parts to make the decision.

    Also, I support the decision if a person wants to keep the baby because they are pro-life. I just use the term pro-choice because overall I cannot make the decision. I just got that piece of flair because I thought it was funny, and I do not attack pro-lifers. I disagree with their arguments, but I kid around when I say I want to talk to them at their pro-life rallies. I just want the freedom for females to decide what they want to do with their body. Since you decide to be pro-life, I support that because in the end, it’s your decision and not mine.

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