Posted by: acecombat10 | June 12, 2009

Socialism? Or Government Doing What is Right?

President Obama, a person with numerous descriptions and opinions by the public, depending who you talk to, has successfully initiated an overhaul of the government.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  Is our government turning into that most unholy of words, socialist?  Will our children feel the repercussions, or even our grandchildren?  Will the US dissolve as a country as we know it?  Will I know where I am eating for lunch today (oh, crap, off subject)

Let’s count the ways that President Obama has improved (or destroyed, depending on your point of view) our government and nation.  First, he pushed for the overhaul, revamp, and change in banking and the auto industry.  Is this such a bad thing, though?  If he hadn’t pushed the Congress to look and fix this two areas, I believe that our nation would be in much worse shape than it is right now.  Everyone has said that President Obama and our Congress have stood by while our nation has spiraled downwards, whereas they have been very proactive fixing the areas of weakness in our economy.  Fixing these areas, the banks and auto industry will survive and become even stronger, with new jobs, credits, and less dependence on foreign aid.  Now, that is not so bad.

Housing market.  Isn’t this what initiated the recession, or depression (in about twenty years, you know an economist’s thesis will declare this a depression; might as well admit it now)?  This goes hand in hand with the banking repairs.  Yes, Democrats, as well as Republicans (I may be liberal, but I am willing to criticize all partys equally), screwed up with the bill that made banks create loans so that everyone could buy houses when their credit was worse than a tuna salad sandwich that has been sitting outside for a month (gosh, that’s pretty bad/stinky).  I’m glad that President Obama and Congress reconsidered this plight in our housing and banking and has attempted to fix this issue so that we don’t have, hopefully, another meltdown.

Tobacco Industry.  Hm, how deep do I want to go into this . . .  ?  Well, I’ll start off with saying basically ninety percent of my living family smokes.  Also, there is a strong correlation with two deaths in my family and smoking cigarettes.  Thus, I do not like cigarettes (yes, I smoke hookah once in a great great great while, but I am not addicted; ok, maybe I’m a slight hypocrit, but I wouldn’t cry or be disappointed if hookahs were eliminated in America).  Anyways, Obama and Congress have pushed more regulations of the tobacco industry, including elimination of adolescent propoganda for novel smokers and FDA approval of new products.  wOOt!

The next areas in his ‘socialist’ movement:  health care, and probably, eventually, education.  Govenment health care and better education (maybe like the cost of EU or Canada).  Dang, that sounds like a terrible thing, so that Americans all have affordable health care and education and we can become competitors in the world.

Socialism sounds like such a terrible, scary thing, doesn’t it?  Personally, I feel that President Obama and Congress are doing wonderful things, moving our nation forward and in the correct direction after years of stagnant, terrible policies.  For a progressive, competitive nation, we need to be able to blend capitalism and socialism, and be a happy country =D.


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