Posted by: acecombat10 | October 31, 2009

The Insight of the Century (or more correctly, of the minute)

Major Edit.  Hopefully it will make sense.


One of my greatest passions is learning about diversity and diversity related topics.  One of these topics includes the concept of privilege.  Peggy McIntosh wrote a great article, White Privilege:  Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, and this article can be found here.

In a nutshell, a social class that is in the top hierarchy of power will acknowledge the classes below them are disadvantage; however, the top class will not acknowledge that their class is advantaged.  The top class will ‘work’ to improve the lower classes disadvantages; nevertheless, the top class will never attempt to work on making their advantages so advantageous.

An example of this can be seen with the current gay rights debate about marriage, which in itself is another blog.  But to quickly give an example, which will better exemplify my insight.  Heterosexual couples, in particular conservative, Christian, heterosexual couples have the advantage of marriage, which includes numerous perks.  Same sex couples, in the majority of states, do not have these rights because their state denies them marriage and even civil unions.  Granted, some state have created laws for marriage or civil unions (unfortunately, most civil unions do not guarantee the same rights as marriage), which exemplifies a group acknowledging disadvantage, but not willing to relinquish their advantages.

So, why am I bring up this idea of privilege?   Now for the scary part.

Currently, I am in biochemistry, and many of the various cycles and enzymes we have discussed are highly conserved in multiple species, including the enzyme cytochrome c.  However, even with this blaring evidence of evolution, people will vehemently deny the concept, but instead resort to these dribble arguments of creationism or intelligent design (the most disgusting dribble coming from here).  I highly suggest not even going to the sight or the location, but if you are curious, look at this blog for an interesting perspective of this location.  The most annoying argument, of course, is that human beings are not descendants of any other form of life; that we were made in the eyes of a higher being.

So, now I bet you are wondering, how does this concept of privilege that I introduced at the beginning tie in with the annoying argument of religious people against evolution.  Hopefully, I can explain this better this time . . . . . .

Majority of human beings think that we have the advantage when it comes to biological functions, i.e., eyes, brains, nervous system, et cetera.  Due to this thought, humans believe that there has to be a higher being in order to create this complex of an organism.  There is no way that atoms reacted with other atoms to form molecules that formed the complex organism that we call Homo sapiens today.

But due to numerous macromolecules, including cytochrome c, there is evidence that we are descendants and evolved from other species.  So, how do you explain this human thought pattern that we must have been created by an all powerful being?

I believe that human beings, as a whole, are experiencing from human privilege.  What I am defining as human privilege is the lack of acknowledgment that other species that are living or have lived on earth are NOT disadvantaged compared to the human species.  We want to so badly believe that we ARE advantaged over everything else, that we are unique, and that it had to take a ‘guiding hand’ to create what we call life.  We do not want to say that anything has advantages over the human species, i.e., the more complex eye of the octopus, the more complex genes of corn, et cetera.

BUT GET OVER IT!  Physics, chemistry, and biology have proven time and again that the theories and natural laws work, that evolution exists and formed the planet the way it is today, and that we human are descendants of bacteria that are living in our intestines.



  1. This kind of makes sense, but as usual you did a poor job explaining yourself. XP

    Anyway, did you know that corn has about 50,000 genes whereas humans only have about 30,000? Who’s more complex now? Yeah that’s right, I bet humans got it wrong. We weren’t made in God’s image, corn was.

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