Posted by: acecombat10 | December 2, 2009

Once again, gay right advocates face defeat =(

Today, a bill to pass same-sex marriage in the state of New York faced a senate debate and vote, and unfortunately, the bill was not passed.  This is a very disappointing move from such a liberal state, considering that the term marriage is a religious term, and the lawmakers are considering the religious connotations instead of the governmental, everyone is equal connotations of marriage.

What’s even more sad is the quote from a Catholic bishop concerning the bill.  “While the Catholic Church rejects unjust discrimination against homosexual men and women, there is no question that marriage by its nature is the union of one man and one woman.”  More can be found here.

I’m sorry, but that quote does not sound like they reject unjust discrimination.  Sounds like we are going back to the ideology of ‘separate but equal,’ which I thought we determined can never, actually occur.  I guess that the LGBTQ community is the next community that must experience this injustice, and hopefully they will find the correct lawyers that snap into government officials heads that outlawing gay marriage is a violation of civil rights.


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