Posted by: acecombat10 | June 12, 2010

Ok, let’s try something I’m really passionate about . . .

. . .but many people do not have much understanding of . . . GLOBAL WARMING.

We all know the controversy behind this topic, but unfortunately, there really is not much controversy behind this topic.  There has always been global warming deniers, especially the enormous companies that would lose substantial revenue once America creates and enforces policies to subside the CO2 emissions, but after ClimateGate (the unfortunate website that has the ‘proof’ that scientists have been tampering data, and here’s a link to a more ‘credible source [scary when Wikipedia has been more credible]).

But what makes this topic, this science truly uncontroversial?  What are the arguments on both sides of the issues?  What arguments can you utilize in order to defend the science and the actuality of global warming?

I will be writing a series of blogs, with scientific references that I’ve recently read (since I’m an atmospheric chemist so I have to stay on top of these things), hoping to assist you either in your pursuit to (a) hear another point of view about global warming, (b) add new arsenal to your argument repertoire, and/or (c) learn about the science and the reality of global warming.

But on that note, I’ll leave with one of my favorite Family Guy clips.  Enjoy!


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