Posted by: acecombat10 | July 22, 2010

Bus driver refuses to take a lady to Planned Parenthood

And now he’s suing the his former employer because he got fired for it.

I have two issues about this guy’s idea to not drop off the lady and to sue his former employer.  First, the transportation company is a district formed by nine county governments (found information here); therefore, it’s public transportation (if the government formed it and probably is paying for it).  From this point, a bus driver does not have the right to refuse to drop off anyone due to his or hers religious ideals (or for that matter, insanity).

Second, what makes this bus driver automatically assume the lady wanted an abortion.  Yes, Planned Parenthood does offer abortion services; however, it offers numerous other services, including birth control, general woman health, etc.

I hope this guy loses his lawsuit against his former employer.


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